Hooker, Sir Joseph Dalton
HMS 'Erebus', Simon's Bay, Cape of Good Hope, [South Africa],South Africa
JDH/1/2 f.218
Hooker, Sir William Jackson
The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
© Descendants of Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker
Correspondence from Antarctic Expedition
The Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Original MS
3 page letter over 1 folio

JDH informs his Father, William Jackson Hooker, that he has just returned to HMS 'Erebus' after dining on the HMS 'Lilly'. The 'Erebus' is reportedly leaving for St Helena the following day but JDH is uncertain whether this will really be the case. JDH has received his father's letters from Jan 1843, they were brought by HMS 'Samarang' along with copies of the ATHENAEUM, ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, BRITISH FLORA, NATURALISTS ALMANAC, & LONDON BOTANICAL JOURNAL. JDH is sending letters to Frank, Giffy, Sinclair, J. Adamson, Gardner, Aunt May & Grandmother Turner, Westwood, R. Brown, Grandfather Turner & Mitchell, all under cover to WJH & transmitted through Captain Beaufort.


Sir Wm J. Hooker
Please seal & forward the concomitant[?] letters --

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H.M.S. Erebus Simon's Bay*1
April 20th 1843.
My dear Father
This is 10pm Friday night. I have just this moment returned from dining on board HMS "Lilly" & to my astonishment find that instead of waiting over Saturday & Sunday & sailing on Monday morning we do really start tomorrow morning at daylight, for St Helena.-- So I write this only to inform you that HMSM "Samarang" arrived on the 26th, bringing your letters of Jan[uar]y 1843, which I have no time to answer, as also Athenaeums, beautiful Illustrated London News,-- Brit Flora, Naturalists Almanac, & admirable 8--13 of London Bot. Journal. I despatch letters ashore this moment, to Frank [Francis Turner Palgrave] & Giffy [William Gifford Palgrave],-- Sinclair F. Adamson, Gardner, Aunt May & Grandmother Turner -- Westwood -- yourself -- R Brown -- Grandfather Turner & Mitchell all under cover to you per Capt[ain] Beaufort. I have a half finished letter to Mother

Page 2

If we should not really sail tomorrow morning I shall write you a letter tomorrow. --
Such is the uncertainty of every movement of our cruize[sic].-- The boat is waiting & I must close this & all others.
Your most affectionate Son | Jos D Hooker[signature]
Excuse great haste at Present, I doubt if we shall sail tomorrow.

Page 3

Sir Wm J. Hooker
Please seal & forward the concomitant[?] letters --


1. The settlement formerly referred to as Simon's Bay is now called Simon's Town. It is located in South Africa near Cape Town on the shores of False Bay.

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