Hooker, Sir Joseph Dalton
The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, United Kingdom
Mitten, William
The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
© Descendants of Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker
Letters to W. Mitten 1848-1905
The Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Original MS
4 page letter over 1 folio

10 Queen’s Gardens
Craven Hill
London W
Very truly y[our]s | Jos D Hooker [signature]

Page 1

Dec[embe]r 19th/[18]57
Dear Mr Mitten*1
I cannot think of any other collections of Indian Crypts of any kind, but what you have, or have seen -- we have had nothing of late ourselves. It would certainly be worthwhile look at the Smithian[?] Herbm for the Hookerias, but

Page 2

there is abundance of time for that before after the Precursores[?] are sent to the Society *2& (and) if you cannot manage it I will. & (and) indeed I find I can always make a reasonable amount of emendations[?] &c (et cetera) as the sheets pass through the press -- The sooner you send it the sooner it will appear.
Mr Archers[?] address is

Page 3

10 Queen’s Gardens
Craven Hill
London W
Very truly y[our]s | Jos D Hooker [signature]

Page 4

P.S. Mr Nylander*3 found the Indian Lichens very well named.
*4Bol. List 14 Jan 1853 21 28 -- -- 18 Aug 1854 11 -- -- 9 Nov 1855 2 -- -- 26 -- -- 13 June 1856 5 -- 1857 20 -- 1856 1 Aug 1857 8 -- 1857 27 Jun 1856 15 Jun 1855 13 July 1855


1. William Mitten (1819-1906) was an English pharmaceutical chemist and authority on bryophytes.
2. The wording ‘& (and) if you cannot manage it I will.’ is written on page 3, but there is an insertion mark indicating that it should be read after ‘sent to the Society’ on page 2.
3. Possibly referring to William (Wilhem) Nylander (1822 – 1899), a Finnish botanist and entomologist.
4. The following list of dates seems to be written in a different hand, and the dates have been crossed out in pencil.

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